Management Message

In August 2010 we celebrate our 10th year of operation since our founding. We started out as a small company with only a two man operation, and have gradually grown over the years based on our unwavering commitment to the basic principles of IR since our founding. Our growth has also been made possible by the strong support of our many corporate clients who have understood and welcomed our IR support services. We also attribute our success to the support of numerous individual investors, our wide range of business partners, and the hard work of all our employees. We take this opportunity to thank all our stakeholders for their support.

At the time of our founding in 2000, the term “IR” was not a widely recognized acronym within Japan, with only a few of the very most proactive Japanese companies conducting any IR activities targeting individual investors. Against this backdrop, we pursued a strategy of providing various services designed to promote a better understanding of publicly traded companies by a wider range of investors through constant and consistent IR activities, rather than relying upon flamboyant activities designed to merely raise share prices in the short term. And as a basic goal we have acted as a “bridge linking companies and investors” to raise the recognition and promote a better understanding of corporations through our offering of highly unique services. In addition, we share the various issues and problems of our customers regarding not only IR but also of the overall capital markets in general, and we provide a wide range of solutions to them in addition to the events that are part of the more routine IR activities.
During our initial operations, nearly 100% of our IR support activities were targeting individual investors. However, we have steadily expanded the range of investors we target and the services we provide in response to the diversifying needs of our customers.

We aspire to be a leading “Professional Financial Support Group” in Japan. And we will continue our efforts to further fortify our strong reputation as a highly “professional” group of IR support advisors, providing customers with services needed to raise their corporate and shareholder value, while at the same time increasing the financial knowledge of investors.

In order for Investment Bridge to help corporations form stronger relationships with investors, we focus upon “communication with the market” while developing and providing the most appropriate support services menu to help our clients resolve their various capital markets issues. Moreover, we focus upon establishing new business segment in response to the changing demands of the time.

Chairman, Kaoru Hosaka
President, Takeru Hiroshima